Magic Decluttering Portals

What are Magic Portals?

In my world Magic Portals are areas of great importance in your life. These portals are about energy flow. They represent areas in your home and business that are important for your health, wealth and happiness. And keeping your Magic Portals free of clutter is part of that.

A portal that allows what you do to get out into the world and lets the bits of the world you want, into your life. Keeping it clutter free helps you channel the vibes you need to channel. In and out.

Here are a couple of my own examples. Of course what is important to you will be different to what is important to me. But here a big one for me:

My Bedroom Portal

The bedroom fulfils three functions for me:

  • It is an area for total rest and recuperation
  • an area for love and connection
  • an area for self esteem and body connection

I have to keep remembering this otherwise I fill the bedroom up with things for work. When I clutter my bedroom with work things then I don’t get as much rest or as much love connection (I’m too busy catching up with work reading or email)

For this portal to work for me it has to be restful. I painted it blue and everything in it either says rest or love. I have a heart as a motif, for example, on the bedding and as hanging ornaments.  I love my bedroom.  When I walk into it I immediately feel welcome and that its time to relax.

What about the self-esteem and body connection?

My Wardrobe Portal

Well this is an area that I’m going to start working on. My wardrobe needs a total overhaul. I’ve outgrown so many of my clothes (literally and figuratively – but that’s a story for another day) and my wardrobe is just depressing to me. Depressing is not great energy. All the clothes have become clutter because they no longer serve my highest purpose. They make me sad in fact.

Decluttering Energy Portals

What I need to do is declutter my wardrobe. Not because its disorganised. It isn’t. Not because I have lots of clothes. I don’t. But because there items in there are a drain on me. They do not represent me or what I want or am right now.  But that’s ok because I can do something about it and I will.

Important Portals for Business Women

Your office is a biggie. It is the portal to and from your business. Is it cluttered? Is the clutter stopping you from functioning well in your business? Office clutter can be overwhelming. I understand that. I’ve just completed an overhaul of mine. I had to. The state of my office was speaking volumes about my hidden intentions and priorities. It wasn’t a picture I liked so I changed it.

Declutter your Desk

A good place to start in the office declutter is the desk and I’ve written a post about this which you can read here.

The Lounge

Lounge areas are interesting because they represent our indoor leisure time but also one of the areas where we receive friends and family. My lounge is and has probably always been my least cluttered area. I think that is because I cannot rest with clutter around me. I find it hard to switch off. It makes me feel icky. Its a sensation that is hard to describe. I can tolerate clutter in other areas and in other peoples homes very easily but in the lounge I cannot.

Other Important Portals

The Kitchen – where food is prepared and sometimes consumed. How is clutter affecting how you give yourself and your loved ones nutrition and care?
The Bedroom – what are your needs in the bedroom? Is the environment supporting your needs here?
The Office – Does this area represent what you want your business to look and feel like?
The Bathroom – an area for self care. Can you relax and regenerate in your bathroom?

How about you? What Magic Portal do you need to focus on?

If you would like some support and inspiration to start you decluttering journey then I am here to help.  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

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