Why Decluttering is a Feminist Issue


I work with female entrepreneurs who want to declutter their lives and businesses and I see my business topic as a feminist issue.  These are the reasons why:

Traditionally there has been a lot of pressure and expectation on women to keep a clean and tidy home.  Lots of women rebel against this.  This can be an upfront, obvious refusal to conform or a subconscious or ancestral urge to push against the man.  So be it.  It get it.

I`m not about keeping up oppression or pressure to conform to old fashioned standards.  I`m all for liberation and for me that is what decluttering stands for:

  • Liberation from feeling that your clutter and environment controls you and not the other way around
  • Liberation to create your business and lifestyle untethered by the constraints of the every day funk that clutter projects
  • Liberation from endlessly searching for things
  • Liberation from being dependant on things (objects, ideas, even relationships) that don`t serve you

And instead …

  • The freedom to make choices based on a clear, clutter free head
  • The freedom to manifest your true desires because you are no longer attached to things from the past
  • The freedom to feel proud of who you truly are today and who you want to become tomorrow

So forget about old fashioned standards of female home making.  It’s not about that. It’s about you, in the now, creating the life you want for yourself and the people you care about.

Big love from me and rant over x

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