10 Things to Declutter in Your Business

Have a look at these ideas on how you could declutter your business to make things easier, simpler and more streamlined.

  1. PDFs – keep the ones you really love and will refer back to.  Check out this post if you’re a PDF junkie like me!
  2. Mindset – are your beliefs helping you to grow in your business?  Do you need to declutter some of those negative beliefs.  EFT can be a great tool for this.
  3. Your desk – this is one of the magic portals in your life and certainly one of the most important of the business magic portals.  Keeping your desk clutter free helps you create clarity and focus in your business.
  4. Stationary – I am a true lover of stationary but too much of anything aint good.  What stationary are you keeping and will you ever use it.  Is storing and managing it creating an energy drain in your business?
  5. Outgoings – are you paying for things in your business that you are not even using?  Services, apps or subscriptions, for example that were once a good idea but no longer serve you.
  6. Facebook Groups – do you belong to too many groups that you aren’t participating in?  Clear that social media clutter.  It’s just a distraction.  Gropus that you enjoy are where its at.  Focus your energy there as it will be a better energetic match for you.
  7. Busy work – do you have focus in your business or do you spend hours doing busy work that doesn’t really help you achieve your goals.  Check out this Facebook group that I belong to which helps you to increase productivity by focusing on your important goals. ditch the busy work and enjoy focusing on your dreams.
  8. Business goals – are your goals in alignment with your values?  Sometimes when we are not achieving our goals it’s because we are keeping ourselves stuck working on goals that don’t align with our values.  So our business are cluttered with goals that are not a good fit for us.  That makes achieving anything an uphill, energetic drain.
  9. Email Clutter – this is a biggie for lots of us.  Is your inbox jam packed with newletters that you don’t even read?  Taking time out to deal with backlog is well worth the effort.
  10. Your office – another magic portal.  What does your office say about you and your business.  What would you like it to say?  What’s your vision for your business and how can you create an office  that reflects this?

    The point here is to choose – actively choose what you want in your business.  Don’t let clutter drain and dictate.  You are in charge.

If you would like some support and inspiration to start your decluttering journey then I am here to help.  Click here to find out more.

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