Declutter Your Business Finances

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Are you Leaking Money?

Leaking money from your business is sad and inefficient. Sad because that money could be put to good use eleswhere in your life or business.

When was the last time you went through your outgoings with a fine tooth comb and …. If you had extra money, what would you use it for?

Is there something you have been really wanting to do in your business? Or could you spend the extra on self-care – something just for you? Or do you love to travel and want to plan another trip? It’s great to have an incentive.

Financial Decluttering

Take last months bank/card statements/paypal account and let nothing go unquestioned. Your business is too important to waste money on things you don’t want or need. Be deliberate about it. It’s respectful to you and your business that you care.

It’s not about draconian chopping out. It’s about looking, choosing deliberately and deciding.

Are you Leaking Money?

Here is a list of possible money leaks that you could declutter in your business:

  • Subscriptions that you no longer use with direct debits that just keep coming out
  • Paying bank charges that happened because you overlooked your cash flow
  • A course that didn’t work for you. Did it have a money back guarantee. Could you get your money back?
  • Could you pay less for some services: telephone, banking services?
  • Are you spending too much on outsourcing? Is it time for a part time or full time employee?

Is Disorganisation Creating Money Leaks?

This is not a direct cost but a crucial one to watch. When a business is not running on efficient systems then a lot of time is wasted and wasted money translates to less profits.

Are you missing important emails because your inbox is wild, for example?

Or are you missing important client opportunities because you don’t have a good CRM?

Soft Expenses – A Luxury Problem

Hard expenses refer to the basis costs of running your business but there are many extras which are just ‘nice to have.’ I’m guilty of enjoying the soft expenses a lot. Things like … online group subscriptions, courses, books.

Are these expenses eating at your profits? Decide if these expenses are something that are really benefitting you in your business or if they are a luxury that is cutting into your bottom line?

What is important to you? Choose deliberately.

Some outgoings will be obvious: things that have slipped your mind, things that you just haven`t had time to stop. Others will be trickier.

For the trickier expenses, one idea is to list every single outgoing and give it a rating between 1 and 5 where 5 means `totally indespensible` down to 1 which is `really not needed.`. This helps to put things into perspective.

Anything less than a 3 needs a good looking at and a few questions asked:

  • What is the function of this in my business?
  • What does having this give me?
  • What would actually  happen if I got rid of this expense?

Sometimes going through your list can spark inspiration. You might start using a service again or feel inspired to keep going with that course or subscription. Fantastic. That`s what clutter clearing is all about – renewed energy and purpose!

Look at alternatives

Once you have got your expenses list a bit cleaner then its time to look at alternatives. Are there cheaper versions that are just as good? Don`t compromise ease and quality for expense but just be aware that sometimes you just have not looked at alternatives for a while.

I`d love to hear how you decluttered your expenses and how and where you saved some dosh.

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10 Things to Declutter in Your Business

Have a look at these ideas on how you could declutter your business to make things easier, simpler and more streamlined.

  1. PDFs – keep the ones you really love and will refer back to.  Check out this post if you’re a PDF junkie like me!
  2. Mindset – are your beliefs helping you to grow in your business?  Do you need to declutter some of those negative beliefs.  EFT can be a great tool for this.
  3. Your desk – this is one of the magic portals in your life and certainly one of the most important of the business magic portals.  Keeping your desk clutter free helps you create clarity and focus in your business.
  4. Stationary – I am a true lover of stationary but too much of anything aint good.  What stationary are you keeping and will you ever use it.  Is storing and managing it creating an energy drain in your business?
  5. Outgoings – are you paying for things in your business that you are not even using?  Services, apps or subscriptions, for example that were once a good idea but no longer serve you.
  6. Facebook Groups – do you belong to too many groups that you aren’t participating in?  Clear that social media clutter.  It’s just a distraction.  Gropus that you enjoy are where its at.  Focus your energy there as it will be a better energetic match for you.
  7. Busy work – do you have focus in your business or do you spend hours doing busy work that doesn’t really help you achieve your goals.  Check out this Facebook group that I belong to which helps you to increase productivity by focusing on your important goals. ditch the busy work and enjoy focusing on your dreams.
  8. Business goals – are your goals in alignment with your values?  Sometimes when we are not achieving our goals it’s because we are keeping ourselves stuck working on goals that don’t align with our values.  So our business are cluttered with goals that are not a good fit for us.  That makes achieving anything an uphill, energetic drain.
  9. Email Clutter – this is a biggie for lots of us.  Is your inbox jam packed with newletters that you don’t even read?  Taking time out to deal with backlog is well worth the effort.
  10. Your office – another magic portal.  What does your office say about you and your business.  What would you like it to say?  What’s your vision for your business and how can you create an office  that reflects this?

    The point here is to choose – actively choose what you want in your business.  Don’t let clutter drain and dictate.  You are in charge.

If you would like some support and inspiration to start your decluttering journey then I am here to help.  Click here to find out more.

New Technique to Combat the Clutter Buts

You are probably wondering what Clutter Buts are….

Clutter Buts are the sneaky thoughts and feelings that we have about our clutter. Ideas that keep us stuck and sometimes feeling useless and unable to move forward.

One of my missions is to ban the Clutter Buts in the world of the business women I work with.

Some Common Clutter Buts

But …. I don’t have enough time

But …. I have to buy storage first

But …. there’s too much stuff

But …. I don’t have enough energy

All Clutter Buts are understandable. I don’t call them excuses. I can them Clutter Buts!

The thing with clutter is that its icky and sticky. Energetically it really does suck. This makes us want to avoid it. So we procrastinate and put off decluttering even thou we really hate it and would rather it was done. And we come up with Clutter Buts in order to put it off even more.

Discover Your Clutter Buts

Yours may be obvious or subtle but it pays to identify them because once you have them you can challenge them. When you have resistant thoughts about decluttering notice the feelings are coming up. What stops you? What makes you resist? Write your Clutter Buts in your journal.

A New Technique to Combat the Clutter Buts

Journaling is an age old technique we have used to get stuff out and make us feel better in the process. I encourage you to use yours to explore your clutter.

Write your Clutter Buts in your journal.

Once you have them in front of you, you can tackle them head on.

Let’s play the …… Turn the Clutter But Around

You have to relax into this with a little bit of imagination. The idea is that you turn the Clutter But around so that new thoughts, emotions and possibilities become available to you. Solutions and the motivation to see them through pop on out. Hurray for solutions and motivation for indeed they make the world go round.

So ….

I don’t have enough time …. becomes ….. If I had the time how would I feel and what would I do?

I have to buy storage first …. becomes …. If I had all the storage first how would I feel and what would I do?

There’s too much much stuff …. becomes ….. If there was just enough stuff how would I feel and what would I do?

There is something magical and loosening about these questions. Thoughts and feelings begin to untangle and action becomes possible.

If you love journalling and want to use it to improve your business check out Carol Brennan, she’s an expert in the field of journalling for business development.

If you would like some support and inspiration to start your decluttering journey then I am here to help. At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience that will motivate and inspire you to declutter. Check it out here.

Are Newsletters Cluttering Your Inbox?

What are you allowing into your space through your inbox?

Your inbox is one of the most important Magic Portals in your business.  An energy vortex that links you to the outside world.

Imagine that your inbox is like your home and newletters are visitors to your home.

You meet someone, you wonder if you might be interested in being friends with this person so you invite them round for a coffee.  You discover after the initial contact that you are not a great match after all.

Imagine if they just kept coming round whenever they wanted.  Imagine your whole home full of people you once asked round, just popping in whenever they wanted and staying however long they wanted.  They are all friendly and talented and have a lot to offer. But YOU find you don’t really have much in common.  Some come every day, some come weekly and some just once a month.  Occasionally some of them get bored and stop coming all together.  Sometimes they bring presents which you may or may not want.

They don’t say anyting if you ingnore them (although they might eventually cross you off their friend list and stop coming altogether) but they still keep coming and they just sit there.  They are not bugging you but just their energetic presence can be draining.  You can still get on with your day to day but there still there, just hanging about.

Even thou they are not demanding your attention you might feel like you do owe them something.  After all you did invite them in at one point.

Perhaps you might have dealt with all these visitors by putting them all in one room that you close the door on.  This room might be called, Unroll Me or.  Sometimes you pop into that room to catch up and say hello.  But most of the time you keep the door tightly closed.

They always let you know that you can always tell them if you don’t want them there.  That that is fine with them, they really don’t mind.  The thing is most of them would probably prefer it that way.  Who wants to be an unwelcome guest?  Not me.  Not you.

Its time to get your freedom back.  Do yourself a favour: unsubscribe!  Clear up that Magic Portal and get your business energy flowing properly.

Do you need help with your digital clutter?  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

Recovery for the PDF Clutter Junkie

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Are your devices cluttered with  PDF freebies?

I must confess, I’m a recovering PDF junkie. How about you?

When we are starting in business or wanting to learn more about a topic, its no surprise that we want to download every freebie we can. Learning how to do business online is big business and every one wants a piece of our inbox.    What becomes of those juicy little gifts that give us that hit of momentary endorfins? The inbox gets full and we get into PDF clutter overwhelm.

The Inbox Magic Portal

I like to talk about the Magic Portals of energy in our lives and businesses.  One such portal is the inbox.  Its an energetic gateway into our space.  We give and receive through our inbox.  But let’f face it digital clutter can be an issue for many of us.

PDF’s are a particularly interesting part of our digital clutter.  They can be a modern day  super drug for the business entrepreneur.  Very addictive, particularly for the addictive amongst us.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a little gift in their inbox every day?

I love that feeling to be honest.  That little rush of excitement:

  • What will it be like?
  • Will it be useful?
  • Will it answer my question?
  • Will it help me?
But sometimes I have felt like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter.  Hoarding nuts for the winter and then finding that there aren’t enough hours in the day to eat all the nuts or enjoy them.  But there are all the nuts, taking up all the space in the nest.

What can you do about PDF Clutter Overwhelm?

After many years of digital hoarding, I sorted out my PDF clutter overhelm this past month and this is what I did:

A PDF Sabbatical

I’ve stopped signing up willy nilly.  This has been as hard as stopping biting my nails.  With such targeted Facebook ads it was hard to control the ‘sign up’ urge.

If you are finding it tricky, just start a day at a time ….. literally.  Just say to your self ‘today will be ‘sign up’ free!’ And take it from there, one day at a time.  Currently I will only download something that is directly linked and useful to whatever my business goal of the month is.  Ironically, this month one of my goals is list building and creating a freebie!  Oh dear.  Lol!

Speaking to the Clutter Buts

The Clutter Buts are the objections your mind makes when you are trying to declutter.  And PDF decluttering brings up just as many Clutter Buts as anything else. When you are trying to stop downloading PDFs this is what the Clutter Buts sound like:

‘Oh, but that might come in really useful one day.’

‘She’s a great coach, I’m sure to learn something important!’

‘There will be new information in there that I don’t want to miss.’

‘I’ll just get this one.’

Ignore the Clutter Buts.  Focus on you, your business, your message and your goals.  That’s what’s important.  The rest is noise that can throw you off track and delay your progress.

When you really need to find information online, it will still be there for you to download when the time is right.

What about the PDFs you already have?

I’ve had a great time this month working through all my PDFs.  My other business goal this month was to declutter everything digital.  Its been amazing and eye-opening.  Also it’s taken some time and a little patience.

Where are the PDFs hiding?

I knew I had a lot of files lurking in unknown areas. My first goal was to search everywhere for PDFs.  There were lots and lots of them, dating back many years.
For this you can just type PDF in your search bars wherever you are looking.  Go through systematically, system by system.  Storage by storage.

Finding the juicy PDF nuggets

The next goal was to delete or store.  This is where I had the most fun.  Because I allocated some time every day for this,  it was easy and overwhelm free.

1) I love the decluttering feeling of releasing things that I don’t want any more.  It’s so liberating!

2) I got to look at all the amazing PDFs again.  Ooops, there goes the endorphin rush again  (but I love to learn so that’s how I roll)!  Aproach this step with caution as you could spend all day imersed in reading and then wanting to impletment all the information.  We are talking scanning here, not in depth reading of everything.

Yes there were a lot but the purpose of doing it was two-fold: firstly to declutter and secondly, and most importantly, to find the juicy pdf nuggets and deal with them accordingly.

Decide on where you are going to store your PDFs

This is a crucial step.  Once you decide where you are going to store your PDFs then you literally start to go through them one by one.

I decided to store everything in Evernote, which I adore, and keep it in a folder named ‘research’.   I tagged each note with the main content topic.

I deleted lots of PDFs of course.  Some contained information that I assimilated a long time ago.  Some where just not very useful.  Others were not relevant to me any more.

But others were … magnificent juicy resources that I intend to get back to when the time comes for me to delve deeper into an area.

If you want help with your digital clutter I am here to gently assist you.  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

An Easy Way to Declutter Your Desk

Your desk is one of your Magic Portals

Your desk is a magic portal that allows what you to get out into the world of business and to receive information from that world. Keeping it clutter free helps you channel the vibes in order to do that.  It helps you to manifest your business desires.

What’s your Clutter Reality Right Now?

I’m looking at my desk now and these are my thoughts right now:

Why do I put things off sometimes’ There’s a pile of unsorted papers on the right hand side. I tidied it up last night but its still clutter because I didn’t go through everything.

What about you? How does sitting at your desk make you feel? What messages about how you run your life and your business is your desk giving you?

Choosing Good Words

When you are working at your desk, what energy do you want to vibe there? How do you want to feel?

For me its ……

  • relaxed
  • inspired
  • creative
  • fun

In fact that’s how I want to feel in my office in general. Relaxed, inspired, creative, fun. That’s what I aim for and I’ve set up my space so that its easier for me to feel this way.

What about you? How do you want to feel in your workspace?


Choose your words and keep them in mind during the whole decluttering process.

Let’s Begin to Declutter Your Desk

  1. Remove everything from the desk/ Yes, that’s right – everything. Unplug all your devices. Empty your drawers. Paperwork off. Use boxes, or plastic bags or whatever is handy for you to put all your items in.
  2. Dust and clean the desk. This is a practical as well as symbolic step. You are starting afresh. Letting new energy in: fresh, new, clear energy for what you want to attract and what you want to portray in your business.
  3. Ask yourself the question …….. What things do I need on this desk that will make me more productive and give me the feelings that I really want to have in my workspace?
  4. Begin to sort through all the things that were on the desk. One by one. Ask yourself … Does this deserve a place on my desk? If it does, bless it and place it where you want it to go.
  5. Anything that is left over will either be unwanted or will need to be given a home elsewhere. This is an important step and will complete the job of clearing your desk and tidying up the loose ends.  It’s not the most fun step but worth doing.  If you like rewards think of something nice you can have or do once you’ve completed this step.
  6. Do you have everything you need on the desk. Do you need to bring in other things to set it up as you want it?
  7. Step back – look at what you have created. Take a deep breath in. Rejoice and celebrate.  It feels dam good.  Enjoy!

If you would like some support and inspiration to start your decluttering journey then I am here to help.  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

What is Clutter?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Firstly …….  Welcome to this Decluttering Site

It’s a welcome to you AND to me.  This is my first post in the reincarnation of my decluttering business.  If you want to know more about me and my journey to this point check out my story here.  In the meantime, let’s get stuck in.

What is clutter?

It could be complicated.  There are lots of definitions.  This is mine:

Clutter is anything that is surplus in your life and business.

Things you don’t love, need or find useful.

That’s it.

And that applies to all areas of your life.  Not just your posessions.

The Energy of Clutter

Everything has an energetic frequency and what you want is a clutter free environment and life that works for you. Becoming clutter free feels bloody fantastic.  Just thinking about it makes me sigh out loud.  I can feel it in my body.  Can you?

Things are not Just Things

This is huge so I’m going to repeat it ……. Things are not just things.

Everything we own represents something and means something to us.  The old vase we keep is not just something to keep flowers in. It might also be a gift from a beloved relative, or something that you spent a lot of money on and then regreted or it might be a symbol of reward for you: it holds the flowers you buy yourself every week for working hard.

So this is the hub.  Things are not just ‘stuff.’  Things are a representation of something inside us.  So when we look at clutter we are not just looking at things we are looking at energetic symbols that we have drawn into our lives.  Clutter represents parts of our lives and selves that do not serve us any more.


I love this word: toleration.  A toleration is something that is an irritant in your life.   Something that is always there and sometimes it bugs you a lot and sometimes less.  For example, that call that you keep putting off, or that button that you mean to sew back on.

Tolerations lower your energetic vibration and we all have them.

Clutter Tolerations

Clutter is a toleration. There are so many ways that we tolerate clutter.  Picture these scenes:

You open your wardrobe.  Your face drops.  Your not really seeing clothes that you love and want to wear.  Immediately your mood is not what it was.  What do you wear? What fits? What matches?

You go into your office in the morning.  Your desk.  Its covered in papers you haven’t been through.  You know there are things in there that you don’t need.  Now you will have to go through them before you can start work.  Or you could just carry on but they would be there niggling at you, distracting you whilst you work.

So, you can see how clutter really does have a daily impact on our mood.

How is Clutter Impacting your Life?

You are probably already asking yourself how clutter is impacting on your life.  Don’t get me wrong, I have clutter too.  Its been a while since I went through things!  But I’ve made a start again recently.  I chose one area that I felt would have the most impact for me right now.

Decluttering my Office

When I decided to really go for it in my business I looked at my workspace and thought – ‘Oh dear, what is this room saying about my attitude to my business?’  It wasn’t great.  It showed that I wasn’t making my business a priority.  I recorded some videos to show you how I started the process but they are quite embarrassing so I’m not sure if I will put them out there.  We shall see!

What area do you want to start with first?

If you are feeling brave pick your most scary area and start there.  And do it in a way that feels good for you.  Are you a tiny steps person?  Take it on ten minutes at a time.  You will be surprised how much you can actually do inthis short amount of time.

Do you prefer to blitz and allow several hours to get stuck in?  If you do, remember to take breaks and allow enough time to clear up at the end.

The point is just start.  Once you start the energy released can be amazing and beware: you might not want to stop.

If you feel powerless and are finding it harder to get stuck in  please know that I am here to help.  I’ve got a great offer on at the moment if you want to take a look over here. My aim is to help you through the process of change and make it fun, invigorating and easy, with a good few surprises along the way.