How Vision Boards Can Help with Decluttering

I adore creating vision boards (here’s one I did earlier.)  They set the intention of what your heart desires and what the heart truly desires is what I like to aim for.  Both for myself and for my clients.

What is the link between clutter and vision boards?

When we are talking energetic vibration and the law of attraction, which I very much like to talk about, focusing on clutter turns out to be an energetically very bad idea.  After all, we get more of what we focus on.

But when you are stuck in a rut it can be tricky to shift the perspective and anything we can do to loosen the grip of negativity and get ourselves to deep dive into pleasure and desire is a bonus.

Vision board for your clutter free life

Vision boards made us feel great.  They allow us to tap into our deepest desires.

This is what a vision board can help you do – create a link between your conscious and subconscious mind so that you feel naturally motivated.

The vision board is a simple but powerful and magical tool that you can use to motivate and inspire you. It’s like a mirror to the soul. It allows you to access your private fantasy world and create that ideal life in your reality.

So I encourage you to create a vision board of your clutter free life. Focus on how you will feel, what you will see, what you will be able to do.  You could do a joint one or separate them out: one for your business and one for your life in general.

Take your time and enjoy the creation of your future world. It’s not a fantasy, its something that can become real to you.

Refer back to it and ‘feel’ the feelings you want to have on a day to day basis. Get in tune with the positive vibrations of your board.

Check out this blog post that I wrote some time ago about how to create a vision board.

Vision boards can be useful in all areas of your life. You can do one for your whole year, your business, your relationships, even your money!

If you would like some support and inspiration to start your decluttering journey then I am here to help.  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

New Technique to Combat the Clutter Buts

You are probably wondering what Clutter Buts are….

Clutter Buts are the sneaky thoughts and feelings that we have about our clutter. Ideas that keep us stuck and sometimes feeling useless and unable to move forward.

One of my missions is to ban the Clutter Buts in the world of the business women I work with.

Some Common Clutter Buts

But …. I don’t have enough time

But …. I have to buy storage first

But …. there’s too much stuff

But …. I don’t have enough energy

All Clutter Buts are understandable. I don’t call them excuses. I can them Clutter Buts!

The thing with clutter is that its icky and sticky. Energetically it really does suck. This makes us want to avoid it. So we procrastinate and put off decluttering even thou we really hate it and would rather it was done. And we come up with Clutter Buts in order to put it off even more.

Discover Your Clutter Buts

Yours may be obvious or subtle but it pays to identify them because once you have them you can challenge them. When you have resistant thoughts about decluttering notice the feelings are coming up. What stops you? What makes you resist? Write your Clutter Buts in your journal.

A New Technique to Combat the Clutter Buts

Journaling is an age old technique we have used to get stuff out and make us feel better in the process. I encourage you to use yours to explore your clutter.

Write your Clutter Buts in your journal.

Once you have them in front of you, you can tackle them head on.

Let’s play the …… Turn the Clutter But Around

You have to relax into this with a little bit of imagination. The idea is that you turn the Clutter But around so that new thoughts, emotions and possibilities become available to you. Solutions and the motivation to see them through pop on out. Hurray for solutions and motivation for indeed they make the world go round.

So ….

I don’t have enough time …. becomes ….. If I had the time how would I feel and what would I do?

I have to buy storage first …. becomes …. If I had all the storage first how would I feel and what would I do?

There’s too much much stuff …. becomes ….. If there was just enough stuff how would I feel and what would I do?

There is something magical and loosening about these questions. Thoughts and feelings begin to untangle and action becomes possible.

If you love journalling and want to use it to improve your business check out Carol Brennan, she’s an expert in the field of journalling for business development.

If you would like some support and inspiration to start your decluttering journey then I am here to help. At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience that will motivate and inspire you to declutter. Check it out here.

The Ten Minute Decluttering Ideas List – come and add your own!

Cut the Decluttering Overwhelm

Sometimes, when its all just too overwhelming,  I recommend  women to tackle their clutter ten minutes at a time.

I often get asked: `What could you possibly declutter in ten minutes?`

Here`s a list of ideas to get you started:

  • Pen pot
  • Cutlery drawer
  • One computer file
  • Your client/customer files
  • Car boot
  • Your oracle cards
  • Small kitchen drawer
  • Your make up bag
  • One bag or drawer of craft supplies
  • One fridge shelf
  • The top of your bedside cabinet
  • The medicine cabinet
  • A purse/wallet
  • Your shoes (unless you are Imelda Marcos)
  • A small pile of papers
  • The floor on your side of the bed
  • The porch
  • One carrier bag of `unknown` things
  • Your hat collection
  • Jewellery box
  • Your briefcase
  • Your laptop bag
  • Your Intray
  • Top draw of your desk
  • One small book shelf

Have a go – just for 10 mintues

Pick one that appeals to you

Set your timer

And off you go

I`d love to hear your ideas for the Ten Minute Decluttering Ideas List. Please leave your comments below.  I’ll up date the list as I get more ideas from my readers!


Decluttering can be overwhelming and emotional. If you would like some support and inspiration to start you decluttering journey then I am here to help. At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started. Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

4 Easy Rules to Help You Stay Clutter Free

Keeping an Area Clutter Free

One thing that I hear a lot from the business women that I talk to is  that once they declutter an area they find it hard to keep it clutter free.  Here are some tips that you might find useful:

Clutter Rules can be Fun

If you are anything like me, you might not be a fan of too many rules.  However, if you have a tendency to clutter then a nice set of rules can really help to keep you clutter free.

Clutter Rule No 1: One in one out

Once you have decluttered you may decide that you want to buy a particular piece of clothing for your work wardrobe, for example.  Rather than just building up pieces and finding that in 6 months time your wardrobe is cluttered again you make the rule that if you buy something then you have to let something go.

Clutter Rule No 2: Know your needs from your wants

Needing something is so different to wanting it.  It really is all relative but ….. whenever you are tempted to buy or bring something into your life ask yourself … “Do I really really need this or do I just want it?”  There’s nothing wrong with wanting things so then the next question would be …. “Do I really really love this thing?”

Clutter Rule No 3: Pause before you buy

Make a deal with yourself that you will not impulse buy.  If something comes to mind that you want ….. pause … wait a week at least, then review.  Impulse buying can be so pleasurable and easy but not always helpful when you are trying to stay clutter free.

Clutter Rule No 4. Defend your Magic Portals

Think of yourself as the fierce spiritual guardian of your Magic Portals.  Nothing comes in without your conscious, definite approval.  Whether its your inbox, your post box or the ingredients you buy to nourish your body and soul. You can stand guard and make decisions:

  • Do I really want this?
  • Will it add value to my life?
  • Where will it live?

I talk a lot about Magic Portals. Basically they are the energy centres in your home and business that allow things in and out on a physical and energetic level.  Remember that all matter is energy, so even physical items have their energetic representation in your psyche.

Allow in only things that nurture and support you.

If you would like some support and inspiration to start you decluttering journey then I am here to help.  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

Recovery for the PDF Clutter Junkie

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

Are your devices cluttered with  PDF freebies?

I must confess, I’m a recovering PDF junkie. How about you?

When we are starting in business or wanting to learn more about a topic, its no surprise that we want to download every freebie we can. Learning how to do business online is big business and every one wants a piece of our inbox.    What becomes of those juicy little gifts that give us that hit of momentary endorfins? The inbox gets full and we get into PDF clutter overwhelm.

The Inbox Magic Portal

I like to talk about the Magic Portals of energy in our lives and businesses.  One such portal is the inbox.  Its an energetic gateway into our space.  We give and receive through our inbox.  But let’f face it digital clutter can be an issue for many of us.

PDF’s are a particularly interesting part of our digital clutter.  They can be a modern day  super drug for the business entrepreneur.  Very addictive, particularly for the addictive amongst us.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a little gift in their inbox every day?

I love that feeling to be honest.  That little rush of excitement:

  • What will it be like?
  • Will it be useful?
  • Will it answer my question?
  • Will it help me?
But sometimes I have felt like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter.  Hoarding nuts for the winter and then finding that there aren’t enough hours in the day to eat all the nuts or enjoy them.  But there are all the nuts, taking up all the space in the nest.

What can you do about PDF Clutter Overwhelm?

After many years of digital hoarding, I sorted out my PDF clutter overhelm this past month and this is what I did:

A PDF Sabbatical

I’ve stopped signing up willy nilly.  This has been as hard as stopping biting my nails.  With such targeted Facebook ads it was hard to control the ‘sign up’ urge.

If you are finding it tricky, just start a day at a time ….. literally.  Just say to your self ‘today will be ‘sign up’ free!’ And take it from there, one day at a time.  Currently I will only download something that is directly linked and useful to whatever my business goal of the month is.  Ironically, this month one of my goals is list building and creating a freebie!  Oh dear.  Lol!

Speaking to the Clutter Buts

The Clutter Buts are the objections your mind makes when you are trying to declutter.  And PDF decluttering brings up just as many Clutter Buts as anything else. When you are trying to stop downloading PDFs this is what the Clutter Buts sound like:

‘Oh, but that might come in really useful one day.’

‘She’s a great coach, I’m sure to learn something important!’

‘There will be new information in there that I don’t want to miss.’

‘I’ll just get this one.’

Ignore the Clutter Buts.  Focus on you, your business, your message and your goals.  That’s what’s important.  The rest is noise that can throw you off track and delay your progress.

When you really need to find information online, it will still be there for you to download when the time is right.

What about the PDFs you already have?

I’ve had a great time this month working through all my PDFs.  My other business goal this month was to declutter everything digital.  Its been amazing and eye-opening.  Also it’s taken some time and a little patience.

Where are the PDFs hiding?

I knew I had a lot of files lurking in unknown areas. My first goal was to search everywhere for PDFs.  There were lots and lots of them, dating back many years.
For this you can just type PDF in your search bars wherever you are looking.  Go through systematically, system by system.  Storage by storage.

Finding the juicy PDF nuggets

The next goal was to delete or store.  This is where I had the most fun.  Because I allocated some time every day for this,  it was easy and overwhelm free.

1) I love the decluttering feeling of releasing things that I don’t want any more.  It’s so liberating!

2) I got to look at all the amazing PDFs again.  Ooops, there goes the endorphin rush again  (but I love to learn so that’s how I roll)!  Aproach this step with caution as you could spend all day imersed in reading and then wanting to impletment all the information.  We are talking scanning here, not in depth reading of everything.

Yes there were a lot but the purpose of doing it was two-fold: firstly to declutter and secondly, and most importantly, to find the juicy pdf nuggets and deal with them accordingly.

Decide on where you are going to store your PDFs

This is a crucial step.  Once you decide where you are going to store your PDFs then you literally start to go through them one by one.

I decided to store everything in Evernote, which I adore, and keep it in a folder named ‘research’.   I tagged each note with the main content topic.

I deleted lots of PDFs of course.  Some contained information that I assimilated a long time ago.  Some where just not very useful.  Others were not relevant to me any more.

But others were … magnificent juicy resources that I intend to get back to when the time comes for me to delve deeper into an area.

If you want help with your digital clutter I am here to gently assist you.  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

Where do you start Decluttering?


Where do you start to Declutter?

You are ready.  You have decided that you are going to do it.  But there is so much.  You don’t know where to start.
At this moment clutter overwhelm can put you off.  Don’t let it.
Here are a few simple  tips on choosing where to start your decluttering.

 Declutter a tiny area

 Starting small takes away all pressure. Choose something very small: a table, a book shelf, a pen pot and start there.  It can be a quick win which gives you confidence and allows that energy to start flowing.

Declutter in 10 minute stints

 Timing yourself works in a similar way.  It gives you control.  However overwhelmed you feel, you will be able to do ten minutes.  When you work like this start on the area you feel most drawn to.  Tackle that first in ten minute stints.

Declutter the area which will have the most impact on your life

 When you are ready, this is the most impactful way to work on decluttering.  Ask your self the following questions to find your target area:
  • Which area causes me the most hassle in my work and life at the moment?
  • What do I really want in my business that my clutter is stopping me from achieving?
  • What area of clutter most stops me living my life freely and without hassle?

Often its the area that you have most been procrastinating about.  For me, for a long time it was my office.  Then I realised that it was just the room I needed to declutter to get the juices flowing in my business again.

 When you have identified which area is causing you the most difficulty then its time to begin. Working in this area can release enormous amounts of magical  energy and will be of great benefit to you.

You will be in the zone of life where you most need to make changes.  This work can be exhilarating.  Lots of thoughts and feelings will be flying about when you tackle this type of clutter.  But its worth it.

Just a last little tip …. keep a notebook with you to write down any ideas that occur to you.

If you would like some support and inspiration to start you decluttering journey then I am here to help.  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

How to Tackle Your Clutter Overwhelm

There is nothing wrong with things. Some are essential, some are useful, some are enriching. But when we have too many things and they start to create stagnant energy in our lives, then its time to declutter. But knowing exactly what clutter is, what to let go of and what to hang on to, can be challenging. It can even be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you get unstuck.

Don’t Look at the Bigger Picture

This is unusual advice but not in this case. Sometimes looking at the clutter as a whole is overwhelming. Yuck! Who wants to feel like that?

Take a Step Back from your Clutter

Choose one small area
Get close in
Take a deep breath
Its just one thing at a time

Setting the Timer can Help

Setting short time limits on your decluttering can help combat overwhelm. Just ten minutes. You can do that. Tiny steps. And that is all you need. I’m a great procrastinator and that has helped me no end over the years.

So …………. just one small area for just ten minutes.

Following your instincts

If you can relax enough you may find that that is enough. You are asking yourself for only ten minutes of decluttering and you just going to look at a really small area. There is no pressure. Just this can get your juices flowing where perhaps previously you were stuck.

Useful Decluttering Questions

So here you are. Perhaps still in overwhelm. You pick up your first item and you still have no idea if you should let it go or keep it. If you are still stuck then questions can help to dislodge your energy around the things you are trying to declutter.

My standard decluttering questions are:

Do you love it?
Do you need to keep it for practical or legal purposes?

If the answer to either of these questions is no then what you have in front of you is most likely to be clutter.

It could be that even thou you have answered no to these questions that the monkey brain is still chattering away to you. I call this the Clutter Buts.  Let’s talk about the Clutter Buts

The Clutter Buts

The Clutter Buts are all your clutter objections coming to the surface. They represent what is holding you back from letting go of your unwanted and uneeded posession.  Here are some examples of Clutter Buts:

But my daughter gave me this
But this was expensive
But what if I need it later on
But I could do with a spare one anyway
But I’ve had it for years

Don’t Declutter Everything Straight Away

If you have been in serious clutter overwhelm and you have a case of the Clutter Buts that’s ok. Release the clutter that you are ready to release. And no more. That is fine.

If you suffer from overwhelm the aim is to just get the ball rolling. To start to move some of your clutter, not to tackle everything and move yourself into more overwhelm. Easy, That’s the name of the game. Be very kind and gentle on yourself. It will come.

Keep Setting the Timer

Keep on at it gently. You will declutter things and over time it all gets much easier.  I promise.

If you would like decluttering support.  I’ve got a great offer on at the moment if you want to take a look over here. My aim is to help you through the process of change and make it fun, invigorating and easy, with a good few surprises along the way.