Reasons for Clutter and How to Overcome Them

There are many reasons why we might become cluttered.  Do you know what yours are?

I had two main reasons for my clutter:

1) Having lots of things on the go and never ever finishing anything
2) What I percieved of as lack of energy to do anything about the clutter

I used to have lots of creative projects and none of them were completed.  Plus of course, lots of supplies: fabrics, paints, papers, wools etc.

I realised last year that I probably have a form of ADHD which explains a lot in my life, including having a creative, scatterbrained mind which needs routines and systems to function properly.

This needed a mindset shift on my part.  I realised that having all these half completed projects was a real energy drain.  It never felt good that all these ideas never got finished.  I did two things: firstly I got rid of the things that I really didn`t like very much and then made up my mind to complete the rest before starting anything new.

It worked and I keep this up to this day.  At the moment all I have is a cross stitch on the go and that`s it.  If I want to make a present for someone’s birthday then I`ll break the rule, but that`s it.

The second reason for my clutter habit was my low energy: I`ve always been a very low energy person so getting organised just seemed like too much effort.  I wanted to reserve my energy for other things, certainly not for sorting and organising.

What I didn`t realise was that not clearing the clutter was more of an energy drain.  Once it was clear and I had created systems for myself then I had more energy, not less. Again, this was about mindset and about tackling the clutter little by little on the days when my energy was lower.

How about you?

There are so many reasons for the clutter in our lives.  Here are some more which may apply to you:

Issues of time

Too busy – lots of people feel that the reason they have so much clutter is that they are so busy they have no time to dedicate to clearing their clutter. We live in a very busy world  and when a time space clears then we fill it with another activity.

Conclusion: clutter and disorganisation actually make our time issues worse.

We are in a rush –  We go to the wardrobe in the morning to find something to wear……… everything is in a jumble and there’s just too much of it……… we spend extra time scrabbling around trying to find a suitable outfit ………. because it’s in a jumble it’s now creased. We have to iron it. We spend the rest of the day like this. We waste an awful lot of time!

If we spent just 10 minutes a day clearing the clutter we could make some headway. We feel we don’t have the time. It’s a vicious circle. You can break it.

That’s why I often recommend tackling the areas that would benefit you the most. When you begin to see the benefits you will begin to feel that it’s worth taking out the time to get started.

Procrastination – procrastination can stifle us in all areas of our life. In terms of clutter it’s just very visible.

You know what you need to do, you have the time and other resources  but you keep putting it off. Every time you put it off you feel bad about yourself. You look  at the paperwork and say to yourself ‘I must do something about that today.’ Another day  goes by. You feel worse. It’s like a rut. Break the back of it by gently getting into the habit of 10 mins a day. That’s all. Even at our worst we can do that.

Stress – sometimes when we are overstretched we become stressed and then everything is just too difficult to cope with. When you feel like this you need to take some time out before you even begin to clear your clutter. Try and create time for self care.  When you feel more relaxed you will be able to tackle your clutter.

Health Issues

Ill health and disability – Try to enlist the help of others and do a little at a time. You do as much as your health/disability will allow.

Emotional Issues

Lack of self-esteem – you don’t feel good about yourself and your surroundings are just a mirror image of this. You don’t look after yourself, your appearance or your surroundings.  If you have deep seated issues it might be beneficial for you to speak to a professional but in the meantime setting the clutter clearing wheels in motion will make a  positive start on your journey.

Depression – sometimes clients are just plain depressed and depression can be crippling. The best place to start would be your GP. Get checked over and get some help. It’s very  hard to get motivated when you have depression but even tiny amounts of time spent decluttering may boost your reserves.  Any small decluttering action you take will be worth it.

Inability to let go – sometimes we are stuck in the past. In cases of bereavement you may not be able to face your pain and grief and your possessions are a comforting security blanket. Time heals.  Allow yourself the time you need – you will know when you are ready and you can seek help when its time.

Sometimes we are holding on to a former version of ourselves.  An example of this would be holding on to a whole wardrobe of clothes which have not fitted you since 2010.  We change, sometimes this can be hard to accept but its hard to move on when you are living in the past.

Guilt – we often hang on to things through guilt. If we are given something as a gift we feel disparaging and unappreciative if we do not like the item. We feel too guilty to just give it  away to someone who will appreciate it more. When a gift is given it is released with love. It  then belongs to the recipient to do with as they wish. Would you want someone to keep something you had given them even though they didn’t really want it anymore?

Waste – we live in a consumer society where we acquire more things than we actually need.

Throwing things out makes us feel guilty because we acknowledge that there is too much.Its true there is too much and once you have cleared your clutter you will be in control of what comes into your house.In the meantime your priority is to clear the clutter you have to move your energy and life on.

Just in case – we sometimes keep an assortment of things ‘just in case’. A spare kettle – ‘just in case’ the one we have breaks down. If you follow this through we could accumulate double of  everything we own ‘just in case’.

Keeping things ‘just in case’ is about not having the faith that we will be able to have all that we need in the future. A lot depends on space too. If you live in a small flat and you are keeping ‘spares’ of everything you will probably feel very  cluttered and lacking in space.

Knowing your Clutter Reasons

Understanding your reasons for clutter can help.

Understanding the why will help you to create solutions. And for me, that`s what its all about: Simple creative solutions and systems – they make life easier and more fun.

When you are stuck, it`s the first step.

If you would like some support and inspiration to start your decluttering journey then I am here to help.  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

Reasons to Stay Cluttered: The Shadow Side

We want to get organised

We want to declutter

Our gut tells us it would help us in our lives and business

But yet ….. we find it impossible and we delay

We put it off

We get overshelmed at the very thought of it

We tell ourselves its not that important

Why is this?

Its because there is always a shadow side.  A side where not doing it is benefitting us in some way.

We all have shadow sides and its in the integration of our shadows that we can become free of our limitations.

When we don`t act when out gut tells us we should there is always a hidden benefit to carrying on just as we are.

Your shadow side will have a hidden agenda

Your shadow may whisper like this into your ear:

“I can do what I want and I like doing what I want.  It’s my mess and I like having it like this.  Nobody can tell me what to do.  I do what I want and that includes keeping my clutter.”

“My things make me feel safe.  I wouldn`t be me without them.”

“I don’t want to look after myself. I love being irresponsible and revelling in my chaos.”

“I don`t want people in my home.  If I`m cluttered they can`t come.”

“Clutter means I don’t have to try. I like not having to make so much effort.  I can`t progress my business because I have too much clutter. My clutter means that I can`t really try.”

Listen to your Shadow

Yes, your shadow has something to say and its important to listen.

I`ve know people to ignore their shadow, declutter and then within a couple of years find themselves in exactly the same cluttered place again.  That reminds me of the lottery winners with money mindsets that don`t support their new acquisition of funds.

Respect and listen to your shadow.  Listen and take action on its behalf.

What does your shadow need?

How can you help it feel valued?

Listen to your shadow, not so that you can clear your clutter (that`s just a bonus) but so that you can free yourself from her restrictions and drama!

If you would like some support and inspiration to start your decluttering journey then I am here to help.  Click here to find out more.

Why Decluttering is a Feminist Issue


I work with female entrepreneurs who want to declutter their lives and businesses and I see my business topic as a feminist issue.  These are the reasons why:

Traditionally there has been a lot of pressure and expectation on women to keep a clean and tidy home.  Lots of women rebel against this.  This can be an upfront, obvious refusal to conform or a subconscious or ancestral urge to push against the man.  So be it.  It get it.

I`m not about keeping up oppression or pressure to conform to old fashioned standards.  I`m all for liberation and for me that is what decluttering stands for:

  • Liberation from feeling that your clutter and environment controls you and not the other way around
  • Liberation to create your business and lifestyle untethered by the constraints of the every day funk that clutter projects
  • Liberation from endlessly searching for things
  • Liberation from being dependant on things (objects, ideas, even relationships) that don`t serve you

And instead …

  • The freedom to make choices based on a clear, clutter free head
  • The freedom to manifest your true desires because you are no longer attached to things from the past
  • The freedom to feel proud of who you truly are today and who you want to become tomorrow

So forget about old fashioned standards of female home making.  It’s not about that. It’s about you, in the now, creating the life you want for yourself and the people you care about.

Big love from me and rant over x

If you would like some support and inspiration to start your decluttering journey then I am here to help.  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Click here to find out more.

4 Easy Rules to Help You Stay Clutter Free

Keeping an Area Clutter Free

One thing that I hear a lot from the business women that I talk to is  that once they declutter an area they find it hard to keep it clutter free.  Here are some tips that you might find useful:

Clutter Rules can be Fun

If you are anything like me, you might not be a fan of too many rules.  However, if you have a tendency to clutter then a nice set of rules can really help to keep you clutter free.

Clutter Rule No 1: One in one out

Once you have decluttered you may decide that you want to buy a particular piece of clothing for your work wardrobe, for example.  Rather than just building up pieces and finding that in 6 months time your wardrobe is cluttered again you make the rule that if you buy something then you have to let something go.

Clutter Rule No 2: Know your needs from your wants

Needing something is so different to wanting it.  It really is all relative but ….. whenever you are tempted to buy or bring something into your life ask yourself … “Do I really really need this or do I just want it?”  There’s nothing wrong with wanting things so then the next question would be …. “Do I really really love this thing?”

Clutter Rule No 3: Pause before you buy

Make a deal with yourself that you will not impulse buy.  If something comes to mind that you want ….. pause … wait a week at least, then review.  Impulse buying can be so pleasurable and easy but not always helpful when you are trying to stay clutter free.

Clutter Rule No 4. Defend your Magic Portals

Think of yourself as the fierce spiritual guardian of your Magic Portals.  Nothing comes in without your conscious, definite approval.  Whether its your inbox, your post box or the ingredients you buy to nourish your body and soul. You can stand guard and make decisions:

  • Do I really want this?
  • Will it add value to my life?
  • Where will it live?

I talk a lot about Magic Portals. Basically they are the energy centres in your home and business that allow things in and out on a physical and energetic level.  Remember that all matter is energy, so even physical items have their energetic representation in your psyche.

Allow in only things that nurture and support you.

If you would like some support and inspiration to start you decluttering journey then I am here to help.  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.

Are Newsletters Cluttering Your Inbox?

What are you allowing into your space through your inbox?

Your inbox is one of the most important Magic Portals in your business.  An energy vortex that links you to the outside world.

Imagine that your inbox is like your home and newletters are visitors to your home.

You meet someone, you wonder if you might be interested in being friends with this person so you invite them round for a coffee.  You discover after the initial contact that you are not a great match after all.

Imagine if they just kept coming round whenever they wanted.  Imagine your whole home full of people you once asked round, just popping in whenever they wanted and staying however long they wanted.  They are all friendly and talented and have a lot to offer. But YOU find you don’t really have much in common.  Some come every day, some come weekly and some just once a month.  Occasionally some of them get bored and stop coming all together.  Sometimes they bring presents which you may or may not want.

They don’t say anyting if you ingnore them (although they might eventually cross you off their friend list and stop coming altogether) but they still keep coming and they just sit there.  They are not bugging you but just their energetic presence can be draining.  You can still get on with your day to day but there still there, just hanging about.

Even thou they are not demanding your attention you might feel like you do owe them something.  After all you did invite them in at one point.

Perhaps you might have dealt with all these visitors by putting them all in one room that you close the door on.  This room might be called, Unroll Me or.  Sometimes you pop into that room to catch up and say hello.  But most of the time you keep the door tightly closed.

They always let you know that you can always tell them if you don’t want them there.  That that is fine with them, they really don’t mind.  The thing is most of them would probably prefer it that way.  Who wants to be an unwelcome guest?  Not me.  Not you.

Its time to get your freedom back.  Do yourself a favour: unsubscribe!  Clear up that Magic Portal and get your business energy flowing properly.

Do you need help with your digital clutter?  At the moment I am offering an amazing coaching experience to help get you kick-started.  Have a look here to see how we can declutter together.